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Why is the hair salon the perfect place for poor communication? Pitfall #1

When you go to a salon, you’re entering a world that is very strange and quite possibly threatening. It’s not as though the salon were designed to make you comfortable.

In fact, sometimes it seems that just the opposite is true. A lot of salons try to give the impression of being high fashioned. They create an aloof, stand-offish atmosphere to impress you with how exclusive they are and how lucky you are that they gave you an appointment. The truth is that they’re probably lucky you called, because these are hard times, and they need the business.

Communication: What It Is and Is Not

Communication is the sending and receiving of information. We need to send the message clearly and accurately, and then follow up to be sure that what we sent was what was received. Communication happens when the idea or picture you had in your mind is recreated in the other person’s mind. 

Lack of Communication

Lack of communication is a very common phenomenon. It happens a lot in life—with friends, in families, among people who work together, between the customer and the checker in the grocery store, between parents and children, and between lovers. If it can happen with your lover, who probably knows you as well as anyone does, imagine how easily it can happen with a perfect stranger who’s standing behind you in an alien, threatening environment and holding hot, sharp objects that will seriously affect how you look for the next three months. 

Marco Art of Hair 4th Year Anniversary

“I looked around at my 4 year anniversary party for Marco Art of Hair and I thought to myself look at all these wonderful people all looking for love, looking to connect with a new business connection or just looking to meet new friends. Then the old saying came to mind, “You never get a second chance to make a first impression.” Do you feel you presented yourself in the way you wanted to be? Do you have any regrets?

My Mission

Marco's Tip of the WeekOn Sunday, we discussed the importance of determining your mission, vision and values. Today, I will share with you my mission to hopefully get you inspired to start your own! 

Marco’s Tip of the Week: “Mission Vision Values”

Marco's Tip of the WeekYour Vision of yourself is who you are; the Value is who you want to become. Your Mission is how you achieve that. When we were in our twenties we were one way; now that we may be in our forties, fifties, or older, we are another way. Does our look reflect who we are now? Are we stuck in a rut? Are we trying to be someone we’re not? 

Marco’s Tip of the Week: “Presentation”

Marco Art of Hair - PresentationWhenever we meet someone for the first time, whenever we interview someone for a job, whenever we react to a new situation, we rely on the thoughts that bubble up from our unconscious. Malcolm Gladwell once gave an example in his book titled “Blink”: “How long did it take you, when you were in college, to decide how good a teacher your professor was? A class? Two classes? A semester?”

Marco’s Tip of the Week: “Not Just Hair”

Marco's Tip of the WeekOne client, who was friendly but shy and overweight, wouldn’t look me in the eye. As I was cutting her hair, I noticed she had gorgeous hands and I told her so. She looked me dead in the eye. I asked her what was wrong. She told me that after her divorce she had gained a lot of weight and that I was the first man in five years, besides her father, who had complimented her. She was sad about that.

Marco’s Tip of the Week: “Stepping Out”

Marco's Tip of the WeekThe father of one of my daughter’s friends had done a big favor for me. At the time he wasn’t my client, but I was grateful and I offered to share some ideas I had about his hair. He was a large man, with a full face, and he had decided to grow a beard. The beard was trimmed very close to his face and the style made his cheeks stick out, almost like chipmunk cheeks.

What's Life all about

I've been doing a lot of thinking lately and wondering what life is all about. We go on day after day trying to make it so we can buy bigger and better things. Whatever that means. As I've gotten older I've come to the conclusion that life is about a whole lot more than just material things. When it's about things where does it end? It' never enough. For years I've been Looking for the answer that will take me to a highter level and make me my fortune.

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